The Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) has established a Government/Development Partner coordination mechanism headed by the Cambodia Development Forum under which the Government-Development Partner Coordination Committee (GDCC) constitutes the leading forum for dialogue on development policy and priority setting. The GDCC is underpinned by a structure of 19 Technical Working Groups (TWGs) responsible for developing strategies, mobilizing finance, coordinating capacity development and promoting aid effectiveness in particular sectors and thematic areas.

Technical Working Group on Agriculture and Water (TWG-AW) was officially established in 2015 by co-chair of TWG-AW. Guideline on the Roles and Functions of TWG has been used by all TWGs including TWG-AW as benchmark for the regular update of TWG to be consistent with the current context of development cooperation management in Cambodia and also for monitoring of TWG performance. TWG-AW has been involved by two ministries including Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) and Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology (MoWRAM). Secretary of States from both ministries are nominated as co-chairs of TWG-AW. Below is the structure of TWG-AW.


To operate TWG-AW in an effective and efficient manner, TWG-AW in collaboration and discussion with its members has developed and updated the Term of References for not only TWG-AW for guiding the coordination of the needs and resources, but also the secretariat for supporting and managing daily operational work of TWG-AW especially the TWG-AW meeting, which is planned to be conducted at least 3 times per year. The minutes of meeting of TWG-AW have been kept and shared among TWG-AW members for their information and reference.

To ensure the better and effective discussion and communication, co-chairs of TWG-AW allow for the creation of sub-TWG to work on specific issues/themes which are related to the NSDP and 5-year sectoral plans including Agricultural Strategic Development Plan (ASDP), and Strategic Development Plan on Water Resources and Meteorology. There are currently 3 Sub-TWGs including Sub-TWG on Agricultural Extension, Sub-TWG on Livestock, and Sub-TWG on Irrigation Scheme Management. Below is the structure of Sub-TWGs under the framework of TWG-AW.