Coordination Tools & Mechanism for TWG-AW

CDC/CRDB developed aid coordination mechanism for coordinating external resources supported by development partners and NGOs. TWG, the 3rd layer of this mechanism, was established in 2004 for promoting coordination and dialogue at the sectoral level between government and development partners. There are currently 19 TWGs, one of which is TWG-AW.

To make aid and development more effective and efficient, some tools and framework such as result framework, Joint Monitoring Indicators (JMIs), Programme-Based Approached (PBAs), and Cambodia ODA and NGO Database were developed and compiled in a 5-year Development Cooperation and Partner Strategy (DCPS) 2014-2018 by CDC/CRDB as a national aid focal point.

Guideline on the Roles and Functioning of TWG was also developed to equip TWG with specific criteria in order to promote aid effectiveness and better performance. TWGs are suggested to have annual or multi-year workplan to guide the coordination work between the government and DPs to attain the development goals as stated in the sectoral plans. The detailed elaboration of some tools, and criteria for better managing and for promoting performance of TWG-AW will be made step by step in the website.

TWG-AW has followed to implement the established mechanism, tools, framework and approaches, which are applicable for TWG-AW with the technical support from CDC/CRDB.