Joint Monitoring Indicators (JMIs)

According to the Joint Monitoring Indicator (JMI) Guideline in 2012, JMI has been established and used since 2004 to strengthen the mutual accountability and result-based management between government and development partners. Since TWG was established by the key priority sectors/issues between RGC and DPs, the themes of JMI has been evolved to follow the priority of each TWG’s action plan, which covers not only the development priority issues of the sector, but also the management aspect of the sector. For example, some JMIs focused on the approval of the sector strategies/plans or the implementation programs.

As suggested by CDC/CRDB, 5-year JMI (2014-2018) for outcome level and associated indicators for TWG-AW was developed, discussed and endorsed by TWG-AW members in the TWG-AW meeting for common objective agendas for the government and DPs. JMI output and output indicators need to be updated on annual basis or some time required by the CDC/CRDB, a national aid coordination body of the government. Until now, TWG-AW has updated the JMI output and output indicators twice (2015 & 2017) and also submitted the progress reports to CDC/CRDB for their further action.

Joint Monitoring Indicators (JMIs) for all TWGs and TWG-AW are described in details in the following links:

JMIs Progress Reports for TWG-AW can be downloaded in the following links.