Result Framework

Royal Government of Cambodia has made efforts to promote the result-based management through the application of the result framework to achieve desired results at the output and outcome levels. According to the NSDP and Development Cooperation and Partnership Strategy (DCPS), the Result Framework (RF) is the management tool used for the coordination to link the NSDP, sectoral policies, and programs/projects to achieve required results. At the sectoral level, the more specific result framework defines close connection and relationship from sector policy goal, program objectives and indicators, and the programs/projected funded by national budget or/and external assistance. Moreover, RF is used for the daily management and monitoring of the linkages of the sectoral priorities through set indicators and sectoral public investment program (PIP) with the resources supported. DCSP suggests that TWG should review and improve the result framework for achieving the goals of the sector plans and NSDP.

Based on the above mentioned concept and suggestions, the template of Result framework of TWG-AW was developed by the secretariats and endorsed by the TWG-AW with full participation from its members including DPs, NGOs, and private sectors. The elements of the RF are as follows:

  • Side 1 of the Strategic Rectangle 1 and side 2 of the Strategic Rectangle 2 of the Rectangular Strategy Phase III for agriculture and water respectively
  • Strategic action in National Strategic Development Plan 2014-2018 for agriculture and water
  • Strategic programs, strategic objectives of the programs, program indicators of the sectoral plans (ADSP, & Strategic Development Plan on Water Resources and Meteorology)
  • Joint Monitoring Indicators (JMIs)
  • Linkages between the program objectives and indicators with the scope of TWG-AW
  • Programs/projects (titles, objectives, status, terms of assistance, implementing agencies, partners, start date, completion date, (total) budget, disbursement by year, and project code) derived from Cambodia ODA database under the management of CDC/CRDB
  • Public Investment Programs (PIP) of the agriculture and water from consolidated PIP book of the Ministry of Planning (MOP). PIP is a 3-year rolling priority pipeline programs/projects of the government for achieving the goals of NSDP and sectors.

The template of the RF can be downloaded here for more details.

Result Framework_TWGAW_Template