To guide the coordination and partnership work in TWG-AW, workplan for TWG-AW was developed, discussed and approved in TWG-AW meeting in March 2016 with participation from all members from government, development partners, NGOs, and private sectors.

According to the Guideline on the Role and Functioning of TWGs issued in 2016, workplan focused on 5 out of 6 functional areas as stated in the Guideline including (1) alignment, coordination, and resources mobilization/utilization, (2) policy dialogue, (3) capacity development and organizational strengthening, (4) information sharing, and (5) monitoring progress review, aiming at promote good performance of TWG-AW.

The workplan received financial supports from EU, and IFAD for the implementation. NGOs included their activities in the workplan and implemented them by themselves. NGOs shared the progresses of their activities implementation to the plenary meeting of TWG-AW with other TWG-AW members.