Development Partner & Others

TWG-AW has not only the members from the government but also the development partners (DPs), NGOs and private sectors. FAO is the DP lead facilitator for all non-governmental members including DPs, NGOs and private sector. In this sense, interested institutions need to send request for approval from the DP lead facilitator before the final approval by co-chair(s) of TWG-AW of the government.

There are currently 47 representatives/members from 16 donor agencies/institutions, 6 NGOs and 3 private sectors. The following list of non-governmental members of TWG-AW is reviewed and updated when necessary.

  • Development Partners (DPs): AFD, ADB, AusAid, Bank aus Verantwortung (KfW), EU, FAO, GiZ, IFAD, Japan (Embassy), JICA, KOICA, New Zealand Aid, SDC, UNDP, USAID, WB
  • (I)NGOs: SNV, Oxfam, NGO Forum, FNN, CFAP, HKI
  • Private Sectors: Exim Bank of Korea, Grow Asia, Cambodia Rice Federation (CRF)

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List of Non-Governmental Members (DPs, NGOs, & Private Sectors)