There are two responsible government ministries including Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF), and Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology (MoWRAM) and their line departments in TWG-AW.

  • MAFF: General Directorate of Agriculture (GDA), Department of Planning and Statistics (DPS), General Directorate of Animal Health and Production (GDAHP), Department of Agro-Industry¬† (DAI), CARDI, HRD Department, Department of Agricultural Legislation (DAL)
  • MoWRAM: Department of Farmers Water Users Community (FWUC), Department of Planning & International Cooperation, Department of Agriculture Irrigation, Department of Meteorology, and HRD Department

Other relevant ministries/institutions are also invited as members of TWG-AW including MRD, MEF, MOC, MLMUPC, CARD, CDC/CRDB, RUA, MOE, and MOWA as stated in the ToR of TWG-AW.

TWG-AW is led by co-chairs from MAFF and MoWRAM. The co-chairmen were officially approved by the ministers of each ministry through decisions:

  1. Decision_Nomination_New-Chairman-of-TWG-AW_MAFF_20141021.pdf
  2. Decision_Nomination_TWGAW_20150731