Sub-TWG on Irrigation Scheme Management

The establishment of Sub-TWG on Irrigation Scheme Management was discussed among TWG-AW members, and endorsed by co-chairs in the TWG-AW meeting held in June 2016. This creation was officially approved by the minister of MoWRAM through the decision dated in October 5, 2016.

Below are the highlighted roles and responsibilities of the Sub-TWG.

  • Prepare plans and mobilize resources from development partners and from the government for irrigation system management.
  • Prepare policy and strategy to modernize the irrigation through drip, sprinkler, and solar pumping to reduce the cost to a maximum for water utilization.
  • Prepare plan for upgrading capacity of irrigation system to complete irrigation system.
  • Coordinate, cooperate, and provide comments to irrigation system management team in an effective and sustainable manner.
  • Prepare policy and strategy to establish and strengthen the FWUC.
  • Report the results of irrigation system management to the head of institution
  • Coordinate and work with relevant ministries to prepare the irrigation system management plan