Sub-TWG on Livestock

Sub-TWG on Livestock was established in 2012 with official approval by the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries through Decision on the Establishment of Sub-TWG on Livestock under the management of TWG-AW.

Sub-TWG on Livestock has some key roles as follows:

  • Serve as the forum for discussion about specific issues related to animal health and production sector.
  • Review the challenges and opportunities for sectoral development
  • Provide comments on the establishment of policy and strategy related to animal health and production sector.
  • Coordinate and share the information with relevant stakeholders including sharing of result of the research and lessons learnt.
  • Coordinate, and monitor programs, projects, activities and achievements to evaluate and address issues affecting the sector.

Sub-TWG has the secretariat stationed in the General Secretariat of MAFF for the coordination, and will have meetings according to the invitation by the chair.