Secretariat TOR

The ToR of the secretariat of TWG-AW has been developed and revised by TWG-AW members by using the TWG-AW meeting as mechanism to discuss and approve the ToR. Based on the ToR, followings are some key activities of the secretariat of TWG-AW.

  • Assist chairman of TWG-AW in their high-level policy dialogue and in providing a policy platform for coordinating donor and civil society efforts with government plans
  • Assist and advice in developing government action plans and benchmarks for the coming years.
  • Assist in identifying sector wide priorities, harmonizing activities, improving the utilization and mobilization of resources and support efforts to strengthen the sector’s capacity to contribute to economic growth and to include the poor in this process.
  • Assess the sector progress against set criteria, to which the government and donors have committed during CDCF meeting in previous years
  • Assist in developing Joint Monitoring Indicators (JMIs)
  • Coordinate and facilitate the alignment of DPs, NGOs and government plans.

ToR of the secretariat for this TWG-AW can be downloaded for more detail as below.