Policies and Strategies

The development of Cambodia has been guided by the national and sectoral policies and strategies to ensure that development priorities have been addressed and implemented in the practical manner. Due to the fact that Cambodia needs the official development assistance (ODA) of about 62% in average from 2004-2017, the alignment of the national development priorities with the supports from development partners and NGOs is necessarily important. DPs have developed the country assistance strategy or/and programs or foreign policies to support the implementation of the national priorities in the developing countries such as Cambodia. NGOs also produced their plans – 3-year or annual plan – to support the sector improvement and development. Policy dialogue and project formulation play an important role to coordinate the demand and resources between RGC and DPs at the policy and to develop a more need-oriented projects with supports from DPs at the sectoral or TWG level respectively.

By seeing this important issue, this website aims at collecting all relevant policies and strategies of both the government and development partners including NGOs as a hub information pertaining to the policy documents, and at transparently sharing them not only with the TWG-AW members but also with the academia, researcher, students and the public to get access to the development information in the context of TWG-AW. The policies and strategies are clustered into 4 levels.

  • Global commitment documents relating to the development cooperation management such as Monterrey Consensus, Rome Declaration, etc. and also the global development agenda such as MDGs and SDGs.
  • Government Policies have two types of documents including national policies and sectoral policies. National policies include NSDP and its ancestors, CMDGs, National Poverty Reduction Strategy (NPRS), etc. Sectoral policies include ASDP 2014-2018, Strategic Development Plan on Water Resources and Meteorology 2014-2018, and other related policies.
  • Country Assistance Strategies or foreign policies of development partners for providing support to Cambodia; NGOs’ 3-year plan or annual plan for supporting the sector development.
  • Tools such as PIP book, BSP Guideline, etc. used for the coordination of the alignment of the national priorities with the supports from DPs and NGOs.

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