Development Policy Tools

Although there are a number of national and sectoral development strategies/plans which are used and rationalized by development partners for the development of the country development strategy for Cambodia at the policy, there still need to be specific tools to concretize the common policy agenda into action.

In this regard, Cambodia through MoP has developed Public Investment Programs (PIP), 3-year rolling plans and program/project priorities to achieve NSDP and sectoral plans. MEF as designated as budget entity of Cambodia has established the Budget Strategic Plan for all government ministries and institutions to propose budget for the PIP in the context of capital investment. CDC/CRDB also established PBAs to help TWGs strengthen their capacity in managing aid in an effective manner. The connection of preparation of PIP and BSP and annual budget law is shown below.


PIP books for planning and BSP guideline for national budget management and other tools including PBAs for promoting development cooperation management at the sector level will be collected and uploaded to share with TWG-AW members and the public for their information in the following links.

Public Investment Programs (PIP)

Budget Strategic Plan (BSP) of MAFF

BSP & PB Guidelines

Programme-Based Approaches (PBAs)