DPs Assistance Strategies

According to the Cambodia ODA Database, Development partners (DPs) has provided ODA to Cambodia since 1992. The ODA has kept increasing from year to year to support the development priorities of Cambodia. To provide ODA more effectively and to ensure the alignment of ODA with the development needs, DPs have developed their specific country development strategies to support the development of Cambodia.

The names of the strategies can be different from donor to donor. For example, ADB and Korea called the country strategy for Cambodia as Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) while Australia developed aid investment plan 2015-2018 for Cambodia. Some other development partners such as China have not developed the specific strategy, but they intends to use their foreign policies to provide support to developing countries.

Development strategies/plans of DPs for Cambodia specifically and for developing countries active in Cambodia and supporting agriculture and water sector will be collected and uploaded in this website. It is expected that these documents will help TWG-AW members and also the interested people to get more information of the policy-related documents from development partners for their analytical study. Similarly, 3-year action plan or annual plan of NGOs will also be regularly collected and shared with the public through this website.

These documents can be found in the following links.