Sectoral Policies

At the sectoral level, line ministries are encouraged to develop a medium or longer term policies/plans. Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) has developed a 5-year Agriculture Strategic Development Plan (ASDP) 2014-2018 and its ancestors while MoWRAM also established a 5-year Strategic Development Plan on Water Resources and Meteorology 2014-2018. Some other line ministries also developed their sectoral plans for guiding their development work. This is in line with the one of the elements of Programme-Based Approaches (PBAs) for sector management in the context of development cooperation.

TWG has been used as a platform for the dialogues between both parties to ensure aid and development effectiveness at this level. Under the framework of TWG-AW, this website will upload any document relevant to the agriculture and water issues.

These documents can be downloaded here for more detail.